300 technicians specialized in renewable energy

The staff at Hawee Energy are engineers and workers with high expertise and are trained in international standards and laws, proficiently and intensively using PVSYST (solar energy) software. WINDPRO (wind energy) and SAP2000 serve the construction of building structures.

  • The Board of Directors and key persons are foreign doctors and masters with expertise and experience in working with international projects.
  • Team of engineers and artificial workers according to the characteristics of each project in terms of design, specifications, technology and construction methods
  • The staff specializing in renewable energy is trained in technology, engineering, consulting on construction solutions by international consulting organizations: DNVGL, Bureau Veritas, ...
  • 100% of employees and engineers are regularly trained by HAWEE training center to update the latest technology and trends


Hawee Energy is always investing in leading technologies to support the implementation of renewable energy projects. The staff at Hawee Energy from engineers, consultants, to technical departments are all equipped and used copyrighted software in design, drawing, planning, materials such as:

  • ERP software in resource and cost management
  • BIM, PVSYST, WINDPRO in planning time, cost, construction materials and capacity calculation, operation plan - warranty


In addition, Hawee Energy is one of the EPC general contractors and the only renewable energy investor in Vietnam that owns a full range of specialized equipment, including 10,000 ton barge - 1,600 ton crane, cable-laying robot for mining exploit and deploy offshore wind energy projects.


Hawee Energy always focuses on raising the bar for renewable energy projects in all categories. Project management is no exception to that mission. Hawee Energy project management board continuously consults and implements PMI international standards, ensuring progress, capacity and safety in construction. In addition, the management board continuously has solutions for construction situations, and plans to handle, disseminate to the site, and optimize construction efficiency.


Hawee Energy complies with the 3-layer construction process (BOD – QC – T&C), ensuring project efficiency, safety with updating and comply with international standards (ISO, IEC) at the construction site.

Control - weekly progress reports help investors have the most comprehensive and clear view of the project, as well as help investors make rational decisions to optimize the project.